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Children’s Dentistry in Millburn

Good habits start early

Establishing a relationship with a dentist for your child is an important step to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Additionally, children often have different needs than adults, making it important to find a dentist who understands children.

Early childhood screenings include:

Space Maintainers

Proper growth and development is an important aspect of total body health. If a child loses a baby tooth early through decay or injury, other teeth could shift and cause crowding or filling of the vacant space. This can prevent permanent teeth from growing properly or cause problems with chewing and speaking.

To prevent this, space maintainers are placed to hold the spot left by the missing tooth. This could be a band or temporary crown attached to one of the adjacent teeth. Later, as the permanent tooth grows into the spot, the space maintainer is removed.

Why choose Mondovi Dental for children’s dentistry?

Quality dental care from Mondovi Dental can help get your kids started on the path toward great dental health. Our staff and doctors know how to make our smallest patients feel comfortable and welcome. We’re committed to creating a warm, fun, and friendly environment that produces a positive experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Dentistry

Why is children’s dentistry important?
Children's dentistry is crucial for establishing healthy oral habits early, ensuring proper development of teeth and gums, and preventing dental issues later in life. Regular check-ups and preventive care can safeguard against cavities, promote good hygiene, and foster a lifetime of confident smiles for your little ones.
When should I take my child to the dentist for their first check-up?
The American Dental Association recommends a child has their first dental checkup by the age of 1. Please call our office to confirm if your dentist is able to provide care for children under 5 years of age.