Same-Day Treatment For Your Dental Emergencies

At Millburn Dental Arts, we want to be there for you when you or a family member needs dental treatment, and that includes dental emergencies. Whether you break a dental crown or wake with a toothache, what you want in a dental emergency is answers – and quick treatment too.

Dr. Scott Krosser on emergency visits

We can provide both! In most cases, we can see you on the same day in our Millburn, NJ dentist office. If that isn’t possible, we’ll advise you on what actions to take until you can see Dr. Scott Krosser.

Got dental emergencies? Don’t panic! To make a same-day appointment, call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604.

When You Call, We Answer

Unlike many dental practices, our patients enjoy access to Dr. Krosser’s private phone number so he can speak to you in an emergency. He’ll advise you on exactly what to do until you can get to our Millburn, NJ dentist office for treatment. In his 30-plus years as a dentist, Dr. Krosser has handled every kind of dental emergency!

Technology Helps Us Handle Dental Emergencies Fast

We use the most advanced dental technologies, so your treatments are precise and comfortable. That’s important anytime, but especially in a dental emergency. Here are some of the technologies that can make your family’s dental emergencies a lot less stressful.

  • WaterLase dental laser. If your toothache is caused by a cavity, this laser enables hassle-free placement of a tooth filling with no needles, Novocaine, or drilling needed.
  • PerioLase dental laser. This laser quickly and easily removes painful, inflamed gum tissue. Compared to traditional gum disease treatment, recovery is faster and more comfortable.

Call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604 for a same-day appointment or advice in dealing with a dental emergency. In less urgent situations, you can book a visit to our Millburn, NJ dentist office using our online form.

Dr. Scott Krosser is a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry and also the Millburn Chamber of Commerce.

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