Franklin M.

The most anxious member of the family is definitely my son. He’s seven-years-old and I think he just had a bad experience with a previous dentist. And so, he’s always—and he’s got a very low pain tolerance, so he’s always the most anxious one.

Dr. Krosser, he basically … what’s great about him is that, at least with my son who’s very anxious, is that he answers all his questions straight up. He doesn’t try to sugarcoat it too much. You know, he’s gonna tell you, ”this is what … it’s gonna hurt a little bit, but it’s gonna be fine, and if you have a problem with it, then we can always stop and then we can try to get it for you to get ready for it, or relax a little bit and start again.” I like that and I also like that he allows me to sit there, or my wife to sit there, and watch and help out, if need be. So, that’s good.

We went to another pediatric dentist before that and they had—they lost patience, actually. They told us that we were gonna have to put him under in order to fill his cavity. And, you know, at the time, we thought there was no other option. And then when we come here, it’s just, “Oh, it’s patience.” Dr. Krosser is very patient. So, we like—we definitely appreciate that.

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