Dental Implants: A Lasting Solution For Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost teeth, it’s probably affecting your life in more ways than you can count. For example, you may have trouble eating foods you enjoy. That’s the bad news. The good news is, you have more and better choices for tooth replacements than ever before!

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Many of them involve dental implants. Because a dental implant is embedded right into your jawbone and functions much like a natural tooth root, it offers benefits you won’t enjoy with other tooth replacement options, including anything eating with ease and smiling confidently.

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Dental Implants Look And Function Like Your Own Teeth

A big benefit of dental implants is their stability. Since an implant is embedded right into your jawbone, it will stay put. Dental implants won’t loosen or move around in your mouth, and you won’t need messy adhesive to keep them in place. They provide a stable foundation for the dental restoration of your choice.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy on your other teeth. Unlike a traditional dental bridge, we won’t need to modify your surrounding teeth for dental implants.
  • Retain bone density. Because dental implants stimulate your jawbone much like natural tooth roots, they preserve bone structure better than other tooth replacement options.
  • Long-lasting. With proper care, dental implants should last a lifetime.

We Work With An Experienced Partner For Dental Implants

While Dr. Scott Krosser can place dental implants in your jaw, he typically teams with one of the top implant specialists in the Millburn, NJ area. You’ll visit the specialist for implant placement, then work with Dr. Krosser to get your dental restoration. Thanks to our CEREC technology, we can even produce same-day dental crowns or a dental bridge for you in-house!

With 30-plus years of experience, Dr. Krosser can help you determine which restoration will work best for you, given your dental issue, lifestyle, and budget. A consultation with Dr. Krosser won’t cost you a thing!

To discuss dental implants with Dr. Krosser, call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604. Or use our online form to schedule a visit to our Millburn, NJ dentist office.

Dr. Scott Krosser is a trusted Millburn, NJ dentist who is a member of many distinguished establishments like American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry and also the Millburn Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

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