Pediatric Dentistry: Starting Your Child Off Right At The Dentist

We lavish care on all patients in our Millburn, NJ dentist office to ensure they have a great dental visit, whether it’s providing a cozy blanket during a pediatric dentistry procedure or scheduling an appointment during a non-busy time of the day to lower your stress levels.

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That said, we really make a special effort when it comes to our youngest patients. We want your children to develop a positive relationship with Dr. Scott Krosser and our caring team that lays the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health!

In fact, don’t worry about getting a babysitter when you come for your regular dental exams. You’re welcome – encouraged, even – to bring your children into the exam room with you. We want them to see there is nothing to fear at the dentist’s office! And we’d like to begin seeing them for exams of their own no later than age 3.

To make a pediatric dentistry appointment for your child with Dr. Krosser, call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604.

The Benefits of Early Dental Visits

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In addition to creating a positive attitude about the dentist, an important step in promoting lifelong oral health, we want to see your young children so we can:

  • Ensure your child’s teeth are coming in properly. If they don’t, your child may experience issues with speech and language development.
  • Check for signs of tooth decay, which is important because so many kids have it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 40 percent of children have dental decay by the time they enroll in kindergarten.
  • Answer your questions about proper oral home hygiene and dental behaviors that may affect your child’s teeth.

Your child’s earliest visits will be a lot like “well child” visits at the pediatrician. As they get older, we’ll incorporate more elements like gentle dental cleanings. For example:

  • When your child is ages 4-6, we’ll take their first set of X-rays
  • When they are around 7, they’ll receive an orthodontic evaluation
  • As they get older, we may suggest dental sealants, a treatment that helps prevent cavities on hard-to-clean back teeth, and fluoride treatments

Keeping Dental Visits Fun, Comfortable For Your Kids

We use treatments that ensure your child is always comfortable. For example, if Dr. Krosser needs to place a tooth filling, he uses a WaterLase dental laser that is quicker, more precise, and more comfortable than a drill. No unpleasant grinding or whining noise!

Not only that but typically no Novocaine is required. So no needle stick or lingering numbness.

We also want your child to look forward to their dental visits! So after a dental exam, they’ll get:

  • A toy they select from our “treasure chest”
  • A goodie bag with toothbrush and other dental care items
  • A “chicken balloon” that we fashion from a rubber glove

You know a dentist is kid-friendly when you see children leaving with a chicken balloon!

To book your child’s visit for a pediatric dentistry, call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604. Or use our online form to make an appointment at our Millburn, NJ dentist office.

Dr. Scott Krosser is a trusted Millburn, NJ dentist who is a member of many distinguished establishments like American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry and also the Millburn Chamber of Commerce to name a few.

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