Why Personalized Teeth Whitening Is Essential

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Have you ever tried whitening your teeth? If you’re like the countless people out there who have opted for an over-the-counter solution to your yellowed teeth you probably weren’t too thrilled with the results – and who could blame you?

Teeth whitening might seem simple and in many ways it is, at least on the surface. The reality of teeth whitening is a bit more complex than simply slapping some gel on your teeth and hoping for the best. At Millburn Dental Arts we’ve been whitening teeth for a long time, and we’re here to tell you why professional teeth whitening gets results that drugstore kits simply can’t replicate.

Reason #1: Gel Strength Matters

Take a look at most over-the-counter whitening products and you’ll notice the active ingredient is carbamide peroxide. Most people know that real whitening results come from hydrogen peroxide, so what’s with this different chemical?

It’s all about a longer shelf life, which carbamide peroxide provides. By adding a molecule of urea to hydrogen peroxide you get this stabler compound that can spend more time sitting on the drugstore shelf before sale, but with one tiny little difference: it’s nowhere near as strong as hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth whitening happens when hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water. That oxidizing effect is what scrubs away stains, but in order for carbamide peroxide to become active it first has to lose that molecule of urea. That means it takes longer for whitening to take effect, and that there’s a lot less hydrogen peroxide per treatment.

The difference in potency is so great, in fact, that most carbamide products are barely stronger than they hydrogen peroxide you keep under the bathroom sink. A ten percent carbamide solution only has about three and a half percent hydrogen peroxide, nowhere near strong enough to get real results!

Reason #2: Peroxide Is Unstable

You won’t find too many hydrogen peroxide whitening gels on the shelf at the drugstore, and with good reason – it really is incredibly unstable. Think about that bottle you have under the sink – it’s brown because even sunlight exposure can cause hydrogen peroxide to break down into oxygen and water!

Along with sunlight, hydrogen peroxide is destroyed by heat, time, and here’s the really surprising one: saliva. That’s right – your mouth actually destroys hydrogen peroxide, often before it can even begin the whitening process.

Think about those whitening trays that come with over-the-counter kits – they’re not truly customized to fit your mouth, and that means they’re not sealed off either – saliva is getting in there, and it’s probably getting in quick!

We combat leaky whitening trays by making yours from an impression of your mouth. Your whitening gel will be completely separated from your mouth so not a drop of saliva will get in. That’s the only way to truly get reliable results!

Reason #3: Results Can Be Customized

When you get a whitening kit from the store you’re probably guessing at which one will work the best – there’s no real way of knowing if it will get you the results you need! That’s not a problem when you get your teeth whitened professionally at our Millburn office.

Every bit of your teeth whitening is customized to fit your specific needs. We’ll determine what will work for you, discuss your desired outcomes, and get you the proper strength materials to get good results in no time at all.

Like we mentioned above, over-the-counter kits aren’t usually even strong enough to work – they’re probably only clocking in at about three to five percent hydrogen peroxide. When we supply you with gels you’ll be getting a strength anywhere from 10 to 30 percent, all depending on what kind of results you want.

A custom teeth whitening plan is the only thing that will truly get you results – other systems and attempts will only result in frustration, uneven results, and unpredictability.

Don’t Waste Time Gambling On Whitening

Teeth whitening really comes with two different options: cheap or reliable. You’re going to sacrifice one for the other no matter what you do, so we invite you to stop gambling on cheap solutions and go with one that works on the first try.

If you want to experience real teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home just give our Millburn office a call today. You can reach us at (973) 957-1604 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to getting you the smile you’ve always wanted!


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