Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important?

A lot of the patients we see at Millburn Dental Arts only come to us when they need something treated. Whether it’s a cavity, toothache, sore jaw, or an injury we only see them once every few years. If you’re one of those kinds of patients we want to tell you something: regular preventive care is important!

Taking care of your teeth can be complicated. There’s a lot to think about, plenty that can go wrong, and it’s easy to get behind on good habits like flossing. Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be difficult and there’s no reason to only react to care – that’s why regular dental visits are so important!

What Can Go Wrong

Almost all oral health problems, with the exception of traumatic injuries, can be tied to one thing: plaque bacteria. That sticky white stuff that builds up on your teeth every day is just filled with bacteria and a lot of it is harmful! Plaque bacteria is responsible for tooth decay and gum disease, and those two conditions are in turn responsible for almost all other oral health issues!

Harmful strains of plaque bacteria do most of their damage by metabolizing sugar into acid. Any sugary foods you eat are quickly turned into acid that eats away at enamel and harms your gums to disastrous effect!

When plaque bacteria wears away enamel it starts to form small cavities. Bacteria is drawn to tight spaces where it can find safety from your brushing and flossing so it goes straight for those spots, creating more and more acid as the cavity grows. Before long it’s at the center of your tooth and causing serious pain!

If not attacking teeth plaque bacteria also like to get below your gumline. It’s an ideal spot where nothing you can do at home will remove it – it will just spread, causing irritation and gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Gingivitis causes inflammation, redness, gum recession, and bleeding when brushing. If left untreated it can progress into gum disease that eats away at bone, causes gums to pull away from teeth, and leaves you with complete tooth loss!

Maintaining A Healthy Mouth: Professional Care Required!

Brushing and flossing will definitely stem the tide of plaque bacteria but keep in mind what we mentioned above: bacteria will find places to hide! Whether it’s the deep chewing surfaces of your molars, the spots between teeth, or the smallest bits of tooth decay there are plenty of spots where you can’t reach.

To truly keep your teeth clean and safe from decay it’s essential that you see us at our Millburn dentist office for professional cleanings and exams. If performed every six months you’ll be in a good position to have teeth that stay healthy for years to come!

At an exam and cleaning we’ll take digital X-rays that give us an incredibly detailed look at your teeth. These images, paired with our state-of-the-art intraoral cameras, allow us to get a look at your teeth that wasn’t possible in the past. We’ll be able to detect problems earlier and determine the best course of treatment before there’s even a serious problem!

We’ll also perform a full cleaning in order to remove any excess plaque that’s built up between visits. We use special tools designed to reach all the tough areas of your mouth, giving you a great fresh start to keep your mouth safe between visits.

There’s also a series of preventive treatments that we use to stop problems before they even begin.

  • fluoride treatments give your teeth a boost by rebuilding lost enamel. This process, called remineralization, actually restores minor damage and the fluoride that takes its place is even stronger than the original enamel!
  • dental sealants are used to cover the deep chewing surfaces of your molars and premolars. We use them on all our younger patients and also on cavity-prone adults. Sealants are quick to apply, affordable, and can be done during a regular cleaning. If you’re interested in them just let us know!

A Healthy Smile Starts Now!

Keeping your teeth healthy isn’t something you can choose to do once it’s too late. Let us help you get a jump on healthy teeth today! To schedule an appointment call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604 or request one by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!



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