When Gum Disease Gets Out of Control

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A smile should last forever. Its importance to your appearance, your confidence, and your health is obvious, yet sometimes the signs of a smile-threatening disease aren’t as obvious.

Gum disease is just such one of those conditions. You could already be suffering from an early form of the disease and not even know it. For a time, there might not be any major symptoms that would normally set off alarm bells. And you’ll go about your business as usual, until one day you look in the bathroom mirror, toothbrush in hand, and your smile looks … different.

In the case of a developing form of gum disease, “different” can look like any of the following:

  • Swollen, red gums
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Receding gum line

If any of those symptoms greet you in the mirror whenever you brush, floss, or flash a smile before heading out of the door, then it is highly likely you have already developed a more advanced form of gum disease known as periodontitis. At this point, nothing you can do on your own is going to treat it, and it won’t be long before your teeth began to shift, chronic bad breath sets in, and you eventually wind up losing one (or more) teeth.

When that happens, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t heed the warning signs when you could still visit your Millburn dentist can receive treatment before your smile started to literally rot from the inside out – and when that happens, your only options will be expensive reconstructive operations that you could have avoided had you just called me as soon as you began to notice a problem.

Know Your Enemy

Before I share with you a simple, non-invasive treatment that will eradicate your gum disease without pain, it’s important to first understand what gum disease is and how it develops. That way, you will better understand my periodontal disease treatment and how it can help you.

Bacteria is pretty much everywhere on planet Earth. Nowhere is this more true than in the human body – specifically, your mouth. Those bacteria thrive on the teeny, tiny bits of food that get left behind during and after each meal, and produce acids as a byproduct of eating the sugars contained on those foods.

In a healthy smile, those bacteria never get the chance to develop beyond a point known as plague, which is a sticky substance that forms a “film” over your teeth that can be easily taken care of with regular brushing and flossing.

When you stop brushing and flossing, however, that plaque can run rampant, kicking up its heels and settling in, forming a hardened shell of nastiness on your teeth and inside of your gum line, called tartar. Once this happens, there is no magic toothbrush that can get rid of it; only a dentist like me can.

Trying to take care of it yourself, perhaps just to avoid going to the dentist, is only going to make the problem worse, because eventually one or more teeth will become loose and the bacteria will destroy the bones which support your entire smile.

Your only hope of a normal smile after such a devastating development such as that would be to get a set of partial or full dentures, or a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth.

Eliminating Your Gum Disease With PerioLase®

Normally, your average dentist will have to literally cut away the infected gum tissue with a scalpel; similar in strategy as removing a spoiled banana from the bunch to increase the lifespan of the bunch. Unfortunately, your average dentist also winds up removing the good tissue along with the bad, and only after they’ve cut your mouth into ribbons.

Good thing I’m not your average dentist.

My practice specializes in the latest laser-aided dentistry techniques when it comes to treating patients effectively and with the gentliest care possible. I use a digital laser tool called PerioLase®, a highly accurate laser that only removes the infected gum tissue. The laser is less invasive to your gums, as well, which means that your healing times will be drastically reduced and less prone to complication.

Anything less, and I believe I’m shortchanging my patients.

If you or a member of your family is currently suffering from gum disease, minor or major, then you cannot delay contacting me to fix the problem before it’s too late.

To make your appointment, please call me at (973) 957-1604, or click here to request an appointment through this website.

Gum disease doesn’t have to ruin your smile, and with a laser-aided approach to periodontal treatment, I can save your smile without making your pain worse!

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