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We’re almost out of another Winter, and if you listen closely, you can already hear the birds of Spring singing their song.

If you could understand them, what kind of song do you think those birds would sing about your smile?

Maybe that’s too much of a stretch of the imagination, but the point is that you certainly don’t feel like singing when you go to brush your teeth before the bathroom mirror every morning. There is no joy in putting up with the sight of that dilapidated set of teeth when the world around you is thawing and blossoming into beauty.

If anything, those birds would be singing a sad, sad song about your smile. And it is sad to allow your smile to stay frozen in its old, shabby state.

The shame that follows you around like the groundhog’s shadow will ensure that there will always be another two weeks of winter when it comes to the health and the vibrancy of your smile – that is, unless you actually take action to fix your smile.

If you don’t, then, well … you already know a lot about that, don’t you? You keep putting off and putting off the dental work you need done, and the only thing you have to show for it is a smile that you desperately try to hide at every turn.

Before you know it, Spring will yield to Summer, and then Fall to Winter, and you’re right back where you are once again. The only thing that will be different, unfortunately, is your smile: Another year of ruin and weathering will take its toll upon your teeth and gums, making them one year worse for wear.

But what if you could make those Spring birds sing the praises of your beauty? If those chirps reflected the confidence and renewal of a smile makeover treatment instead of a mocking sing-song?

At Millburn Dental Arts, my team and I can give you a smile that is worthy of the promise of Spring, and it will boost your self-esteem and your personal appearance no matter what season it is!

Allowing Your Smile To Blossom

Just as a flower needs the right conditions to bloom – the right temperature, the right sunlight, the right soil – so too does your smile need the right mixture of procedures and treatments to get it back in good shape.

As no two flowers are alike, neither are no two smiles. Each one is unique, and has unique needs. So it stands to reason that what can work for one smile might not work for another.

At its heart, that’s exactly what a smile makeover is. It is a process of identifying the needs of your smile and then determining which treatments will work best to fix and enhance it.

It begins with a consultation appointment at my Millburn office. Once you get comfortable, I will talk with you about what you want your smile to be. Then I’ll examine your smile to get down to the bottom of what is troubling your smile.

After I have made my diagnosis, I will present you with a number of options to treat those problems. Those treatments will depend upon the problems I’ve identified.

For example, if I’ve determined that you are suffering from gum disease, then I will recommend laser periodontal treatment to prevent the disease of threatening the integrity of your teeth. Or if you have gapped or buck teeth, then you could either benefit from a cosmetic bonding procedure or Invisalign clear braces; it just depends on your smile’s individual needs.

With that in mind, your smile makeover could take one procedure, or several. The important thing is that you keep your eye on the prize: A new, beautiful, healthy smile that will enhance your quality of life, and give those Spring birds something positive to chirp about for a change.

The only obstacle in this process is you. By failing to change course, you’re setting yourself up for the same old disappointments. Even worse, you can be allowing a serious dental condition to fester until your only option is an expensive and painful reactionary operation that will cost you more money and more pain than you can afford.

To get a head start on a Spring cleaning that will revolutionize your smile, please give me a call at (973) 957-1604. Or you can request an appointment with me online by filling out a simple form.

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