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There’s nothing that will change a “hello” into a “goodbye” quicker than bad breath. From the moment you open your mouth and all of the painful moments that lead to your closing it, nobody knows just how repulsive it is better than you do.

Everywhere you go, it follows you. It makes it difficult to be able to find intimacy with anyone, whether it’s a workplace conversation or a social setting. It hurts you, because not only to you have things to say, but you want to be fully heard. People just can’t seem to concentrate on what you’re saying when they’re busy dealing with what they’re smelling.

Maybe you learned this the hard way over Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you don’t need to try and think of a reminder, because every day you’re dealing with the fallout from your chronic bad breath.

Unfortunately, the news is about to get worse before it gets better.

You see, bad breath – known by its scientific term halitosis – is usually a symptom of a much greater problem, and is rarely the problem itself. Halitosis is often a warning sign that you’re suffering from advanced gum disease, whose bacterial buildups contribute to the nasty odors coming from your mouth.

Now for the good news: I can treat your halitosis (and the gum disease which may be the true cause of it) with a variety of simple, non-invasive procedures that will allow you to breathe a little easier, and in more ways than one!

Clearing The Air

As I mentioned, halitosis is commonly associated with advanced gum disease, or periodontitis. It happens when the bacteria that cause gum disease take a foothold in your mouth. The bacteria begin breeding like crazy, and sooner or latter a whole nation of them will be founded on your tongue, disrupting the natural scent of your breath.

Once that happens, you cannot brush them away, because they will simply keep coming back.

However, my treating the actual underlying problem of gum disease, the bacteria on your tongue won’t be able to call in for “reinforcements,” and over time the awful odor in your mouth will disappear along with the disease itself!

I can treat advanced cases of gum disease by using a device known as an LANAP, which stands for laser-assisted new attachment procedure. That’s a roundabout way of saying that I can use a finely tuned dental laser that targets infected tissues and only infected tissues by removing them with the power of focused light. It’s not science-fiction, just good dentistry.

LANAP treatment replaces an older method of using scalpels to cut out the infected parts of your gums, which resulted in greater damage to healthy, uninfected tissues and an overall longer (and more painful) recovery period.

No only will you be improving the quality of your breath, but you could be saving your entire smile in the process!

Gargle, Rinse, Repeat

In all other cases, treating a case of halitosis can involve a special mouth rinse which attacks those pesky bacterial colonies by chemically bombing them back to the Mesozoic Age.

I use a special chlorine dioxide-based mouthwash that will do just that. By using a solution that is nearly identical to the type of chlorine that is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools but in a mouthwash form, I can eradicate the anaerobic bacteria colonies that have take residency on the back of your tongue.

With regular use, your breath will be free of the odor that has made it all but impossible to get close with anyone, and allow you to live your life with confidence once again.

Making An Appointment To Breathe Right Again

Whatever is causing your foul breath, there is no gain in waiting to receive professional treatment for it. Yet if your bad breath is being caused by a particularly nasty strain of gum disease, then any further delay is playing Russian roulette with your smile: One day, you’re going to lose, and when that happens, you will lose big.

There’s no reason for your bad breathe to cost your entire smile, especially when I can take care of it without any painful surgeries or prolonged, repeat visits. Just a simple consultation appointment followed a rejuvenating treatment.

To breathe right again, please call me at (973) 957-1604, or click here to request an appointment online.

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