Say Goodbye To The Dental Drill!

Does the thought of a dental drill send shivers down your spine? Does even thinking of the vibration make your hairs stand on end? Has the mere idea of having to get an invasive dental treatment kept you from getting the care you need? We can put those fears to rest at Millburn Dental Arts!

Up until recently dental drills were the only way we could make a change to your teeth. We’d have to grind away decayed or damaged material, creating heat and a lot of noise! This might have been a good way for us to repair a tooth but it wasn’t anywhere near comfortable for you!

Recent trends in dentistry have focused on patient comfort. Technology has progressed beyond simply providing solutions and instead tries to provide convenient, easy, and pain-free methods of creating the same results older methods do. One of the greatest leaps in these advancements has been dental lasers!

The dental lasers we use can instantly vaporize soft tissue and can even cut into your teeth! The best part about these advanced treatments is that they end up healing faster, looking better, and being quicker than the old dental drill!


This amazing machine is our tooth cutting laser. It enables us to create fillings, modify teeth, and even make changes to your gumline! The secret lies in how the Waterlase takes advantage of the natural structure of your teeth. Just like the rest of your body your teeth contain water, and the Waterlase takes advantage of that!

The heat from the laser excites the water molecules in your teeth and instantly cuts right through them! The Waterlase also constantly streams water into your tooth to minimize heat and keep your mouth perfectly comfortable. Many patients don’t even need anesthesia during a Waterlase procedure!

The Waterlase is what we use to remove decayed portions of your teeth for fillings. Because it so efficient and pin-point accurate we are able to remove less of the healthy part of a tooth and make smaller fillings. It’s always our goal to leave as much of your healthy teeth as possible, and Waterlase is a great way to make that goal successful!


There are small pockets that exist between your gums and the part of your teeth below the gumline, and that’s where gum disease grows! We use PerioLase to treat gum disease with a laser that kills off bacteria, cleans out plaque and tartar and stimulates the regrowth of tissue that closes and protects the pockets.

The PerioLase is part of a process that also includes ultrasonic tools to further clean your tooth and eliminate disease-causing bacteria. The healing process after a PerioLase treatment is quicker and less painful than traditional gum disease treatments and will leave you with a great healthy set of gums!


Cavities start small – so small we can’t usually see them! At this critical stage it would be great if we could find and diagnose small cavities but that’s nearly impossible! X-rays won’t generally show these small spots and visual inspection is virtually impossible. Thanks to DIAGNOdent this isn’t a problem anymore!

DIAGNOdent uses a laser that scans the surface of your teeth. It reflects back into the device and the amount of reflection helps us determine if there is a cavity or not! Even the smallest, hardest-to-see cavities can show up under the DIAGNOdent laser! With early diagnosis and treatment we can stop tooth decay before it becomes serious!

Detecting cavities with DIAGNOdent is quick, easy, and you won’t feel a thing. This tooth-saving treatment has been a revolution in care – you’ll love the results of early detection!

Great Technology, Great Dentistry!

We value your time, comfort, and feelings about your treatment outcomes. Laser dental technology allows us to maximize all three of those important aspects of care, which is exactly why we’ve invested in them! Lasers eliminate the sound, feeling, and anxiety of dental drills and leave behind all the tooth-saving benefits. In short they’re some of the best advancements in the history of dentistry!

If you want to get dental care that’s virtually pain-free, better for peace of mind, and can save your teeth faster, then our Millburn dentist office can provide you with the exact solutions you need! To make an appointment with us simply call (973) 957-1604 or just request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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