Root Canals Are A Paper Tiger

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It’s come to this: The throbbing pain in your tooth that flares up whenever you take a bite of your favorite food or a sip of your favorite beverage. It’s been getting worse, hasn’t it?

Sad to say, it’s not going to go away on its own.

Pretty soon, that constant, nagging pain of your “hot tooth” will be too much to stand, but when you consider the alternative of seeking treatment, you try your best to grin and bear it – literally.

That’s because you’re dreading what is quite possibly the most misunderstood dental procedure of all time – the root canal – and you’d rather live with the pain you’ve got than add anymore to it.

I can understand why you’d think this way.

Root canals are the butt of many a joke about dental pain. They are practically the poster child for reasons to avoid going to the dentist in the first place.

That’s just plain wrong, and if a root canal had ears, you’d just be hurting the feelings of a friend who’s only trying to help you out.

Indeed, a root canal is more of a friend than a foe, as it will relieve your mouth pain, not increase it, while improving your overall oral health for years to come.

What A Root Canal Can Do For You

To better understand the benefits of root canal therapy, we first have to understand what’s going on inside of that problem tooth – or problem teeth, as your case might be.

If you’ve got an advanced cavity, or if the integrity of your tooth has become compromised in any way, your tooth can develop an infection within its pulp.

No, your tooth isn’t drinking orange juice without you knowing about it: Pulp is the term for the fleshy substance inside of your tooth that connects it with the root and supplies it with blood.

When the pulp becomes infected, this infection can spread to the underlying root.

An untreated issue with tooth pulp can easily lead to the degradation of the root. If given enough time, it can result in the destruction of your tooth from the inside out, like a house devoured by termites.

Here’s where your newfound friend the root canal comes in to save the day – and your smile.

First, we’ll numb your mouth to eliminate any chance that you’ll feel pain. Then, I’ll use the most advanced tools available to gain access to the root, and quickly, in order to remove the infected pulp tissue and to clean the root.

And … that’s it.

There’s no more to it other than a little rest and relaxation to heal the affected area. Due to the advanced techniques available at my practice, your recovery time will be drastically reduced when compared to more traditional methods of root canal therapy.

Okay, I Get It. But Why A Root Canal In the First Place?

A root canal will save your tooth. If you fail to get one when you need it, then your only options will be the worst ones available: Extracting the infected tooth altogether.

If it comes down to that, then you’ll have bigger problems on your hands, including the potential for infections throughout your gums and other teeth, as well as the prospect of having to get a replacement tooth installed.

It’s needlessly expensive, especially when your old pal the root canal is rooting for you to save the smile you’ve already got, and wants to help enhance it even further.

So if you’ve learned anything from this, it should be that a root canal is painless, and will save your trouble, time, and money in the future.

Yet a root canal can only save you trouble, time, and money if you do something about your annoying, aching tooth today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Certainly not next month.

Because by then, it could already be too late.

I invite you to give us a call at (973) 957-1604 without delay to schedule an appointment with my friendly staff, or you may also request an appointment online just by filling out a simple form.

By taking a few minutes out of your time to consult with us, you can discover how a root canal can preserve your smile and rid you of senseless pain, once and for all.

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