Restore Your Teeth Permanently In One Visit!

Oh, great: you’ve damaged a tooth! Whether it’s excess decay, trauma, or any other cause you need to get to the dentist fast! What’s the biggest worry, aside from pain, that you have right now? Probably how long it will take to restore that tooth, your smile, and your ability to eat with ease! You’ve heard about dental crowns before, and you’ve always heard they take WEEKS! And those temporary crowns are horrid: they fall out and look bad – no one wants that!

At Millburn Dental Arts we’re pleased to be able to offer you an amazing alternative to traditional crowns: the CEREC milling machine! We can actually feed a 3D model of your mouth to our CEREC mill and build you a crown while you wait: usually in just about an hour!

We know you don’t want to deal with multiple appointments, uncomfortable and gross dental impressions, a numb mouth, and being delicate with your temporary for weeks which is why we’ve invested in this amazing technology. CEREC crowns are made from the same strong and lifelike materials as traditional crowns and will really amaze you: it’s like living in the future!

How Does The CEREC System Work?

It all starts with an appointment to our Millburn dentist office. We’ll take a look at the tooth that needs to be crowned, and then we’ll reduce the size of your tooth so it will fit under your new dental restoration. At that point we’ll use our 3D imaging machines and computer software to perfectly capture your mouth. Our 3D images can be manipulated just a physical model, allowing us to get the perfect look at your teeth!

We’ll use CEREC’s software to design and perfectly place your crown on the 3D model. Once you’re satisfied with how your final outcome will look we’ll simply feed it to the CEREC machine where we’ll use a porcelain block that’s perfectly matched to the color of your teeth to craft a crown!

You’ll be in and out of the dentist chair with a new, permanent tooth before you know it! Your CEREC crown will be ready to use right when it’s attached – no restrictions!

What’s The Catch?

If you’re worried a CEREC crown might have a secret catch we aren’t telling you about you can stop worrying right now: our same-day dental crowns are simply a real advance in dental technology. There has been a continual movement in dental technology to produce products that aren’t just good for the dentist, but are also good for the patient. CEREC is one of those machines that is great for everyone involved!

CEREC crowns are also made completely of porcelain, so there’s no ugly metal lines showing through at your gumline. Crowns in the past were made with porcelain fused to metal, but not any longer! Modern dental materials allow us to craft crowns in just one visit that are stronger, better looking, and longer lasting than those of the past!

Is A CEREC Crown For Me?

That depends: do you want to make multiple trips to our Millburn dentist office for one procedure? Are you comfortable with an ugly temporary crown that might fall out, be loose, or be noticeable? Do you want to deal with the multi-week wait for the whole thing to finally be over? If not, CEREC crowns are the right choice for you!

You’ll be thrilled with a new tooth in mere hours, especially with the kind of quality our Millburn office can get you. Many patients who’ve had traditional crowns and then CEREC ones have said they can’t even tell the difference between them!

If you’re in need of a crown don’t get yourself stuck in a position where you have to wait: call Millburn Dental Arts to discuss your options at (973) 957-1604! If you’re ready to be seen now you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to getting you the solution you desire!

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