Restorative Dentistry After The Storm

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We’re firmly in the midst of spring, and so you’re probably heard the old cliche “April showers bring May flowers” more than you’ve wanted to.

Cliches are true for a reason, however, in large part because they’ve stood the test of time. When bad weather strikes, it is simply creating conditions in the future for a beautiful bounty of wildflowers at the Conservancy.

Yet you might be tempted to think that your smile is somehow different, or apart, from this natural logic.

You see, when disaster strikes your smile, it can be a devastating ordeal, not unlike a tornado winding its way through your teeth and leaving a path of destruction in its tiny wake. When injury or illness conspire to rob from you something as central to your appearance and to your identity as your smile, it is a sense of loss that is unique.

And it can have devastating consequences for your confidence in going forward, as missing teeth or other reminders of an oral surgery hold your smile to a lower standard than what you might have been used to. It’s perfectly understandable, and I have seen in it many patients who have come through the doors to my Millburn, NJ dentist’s office.

If you’ve been following our blog this month, then you know we’ve been discussing many different aspects of oral cancer. This blog post is no different: Restorative dentistry can rebuild your smile after the devastation of an oral surgery such as those which you might need to remove an instance of cancer from your mouth.

With early detection and a successful treatment, an oral cancer diagnosis can seem like a brief scare that leaves your smile less than what it once was.

But with the right dentist and a little time, your smile can bloom once again, fuller and more brilliant than ever before!

A Variety of Restorative Dentistry Options Await

I will tell you what I tell all of my patients: There is usually no one-size-fits-all, perfect, 100% solution to restoring a smile. We can get there, but in the vast majority of cases our journey is made of many steps, not just one big step.

This process involves tailoring my services and technology to meet the specific needs of your smile, and no one else’s. It is a level of personalization, taken at the pace you are most comfortable with. You won’t get that with large, corporate dental firms.

I work with a renowned implant specialist, so even if you need completely new artificial teeth to fill out the gaps in your smile as a result of an accident or a life-saving oral surgery.

In the case of periodontitis, your gum line can recede dangerously far, threatening the integrity of your teeth as well as the ultimate shape and appearance of your gums. I can use a gum grafting technique to restore health and beauty to your gum line.

Or let’s say you or your adolescent suffered an injury on the field or on the court, and are dealing with a chipped or fractured tooth. In can design crowns and dental bridges right here in my office thanks to a remarkable ceramic fabricating machine.

The point here is that no matter what has happened to your smile, I have a procedure that can help restore it better than it was before.

There is one small catch, however:

You Must Make Your Appointment Today

If you are dealing with tooth loss, oral injury, or fallout from an oral surgery, then you cannot afford to wait any longer to get treatment. Missing and broken teeth can make your entire smile more susceptible to additional injury, further infection, or both. Waiting will just make those problems worse while narrowing your viable solutions down to more expensive ones.

Taking action right now is the best way to make sure that the trauma which has befallen your smile hasn’t been in vain, and will enable you to regain the pride and confidence you deserve.

To make your appointment, please call me at (973) 957-1604 and secure a time that works best for you. Alternatively, feel free to make your appointment with us online by filling out a simple web questionnaire, and we’ll get back to you right away.

April showers can be a blessing in disguise, but only if you make room for the blooms of May!

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