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Relaxing – like most seemingly impossible requests – is much easier said than done.

It’s one thing to know that you should relax and calm yourself, but it’s quite another thing entirely to actually do it. In fact, just reminding yourself, or being told that you need to relax, can actually make it harder for you.

There’s a dark side to letting your anxieties get in the way of the dental work that you desperately need, and it’s one that you might already know about: Your smile is taking a turn for the worse, yet it feels as though no force on Earth can put you in your Millburn dentist’s office – even if your teeth were literally falling out of your head!

I’m not trying to add to your fears, but try to be realistic for a moment: I can’t treat a patient who isn’t there, and the longer you allow your fears to keep you from seeing me, the more likely it is that that toothache in your jaw, or those bloody gums after brushing, could be signs of far greater problems in your future.

Eventually, the problems in your smile will reach a “point of no return,” and when that happens, the only options available to you will be the most expensive (and potentially painful) ones.

Learning to accept treatment is just as much a part of getting the treatment itself. Yet even if you’re doing everything in your power to ease your nerves enough to finally see the dentist, sometimes the dentist needs to pick up the slack when it comes to making you feel totally at ease.

Lucky for you, I treat patients with those same fears all the time, and they all started out frightened just like you.

Put Your Feet Up And Say ‘Ah’

When you first come into our office located near the heart of downtown Millburn, NJ, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that my practice doesn’t really look like your average dentist’s office.

It’s no accident. I don’t want my patients to feel like they are just another number, but rather like they are taking a small retreat from their everyday lives to look and feel better about themselves. In that sense, the experience is no different than, say, a spa, with one key difference: Going to the spa won’t save your life, as untreated oral health conditions like gum disease can lead to a number of major health problems, from diabetes to stroke to Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more.

My commitment to your comfort doesn’t end there, however. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways I can make your visit with us more comfortable than your average dentist:

  • Gentler techniques for less pain – My practice is highly skilled in the use of dental laser technology, which can perform the same types of procedures that requires a scalpel, but without the scalpel. That means greater accuracy and reduced recovery times, as lasers are much gentler on soft tissues like gums than scalpels.
  • Appointments on your time – You hate feeling like a number because it usually means you’re being treated like one. My practice will work with your schedule to create longer, more relaxed appointments on our less busy days to give you 100% of our attention.
  • Pain-free dentistry – Perhaps the biggest roadblock in the way of treatment is a fear of pain. It’s a natural human response, but it’s one you don’t have to hold onto anymore, because I can use local anesthetics to completely numb an area that needs treatment. That means no pain for you, only the results you want.

With all of these options and more, I am confident that, once you step foot in my office, you’ll feel more at ease than you ever have at the dentist’s.

But in order to conquer those oral health problems that your fear is protecting, you have to make the most important step of all: Setting up your appointment. Otherwise, you have more things to fear than fear itself.

To make your appointment, please call me at (973) 957-1604, or fill out a simple questionnaire to request an appointment online through my website.

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