Protect Your Teeth This Winter!

Nothing beats an east coast winter, does it? All the cold, the snow … and the fun of winter activities like hockey, skiing, ice skating, and more! That time is here again and it’s time to enjoy everything the cold weather has to offer.

At Millburn Dental Arts we want to be sure you know what the seasonal changes can have in store for your oral health. The weather is different and so are your oral care needs – let our Millburn team help you make all the right choices in the chill months ahead!

Are You Getting Enough Water?

It’s easy to drink plenty of ice cold water when the heat is here with a vengeance. The first thing you want to reach for is as nice cold cup with the Millburn summer is unbearable! But in the winter time you need for water doesn’t go away. You may not realize you’re dehydrated when it’s cold, and this is especially a problem for children!

Dehydration increases the amount of bacteria in your mouth because there’s no saliva to wash it away. A lot of that bacteria is harmful, causing things like gum disease and tooth decay! By staying hydrated you’re taking one more stand against oral health problems!

If Not Water, What Are You Drinking?

We get it – no one wants an ice cold (or warm for that matter) glass of water in this kind of weather. Most of us would rather reach for hot cocoa, tea, or coffee to keep ourselves toasty. The problem? We often add a lot of sugar to these hot drinks!

We mentioned the bacteria in your mouth and here’s where the trouble comes in: bacteria feeds on sugar, which it metabolizes into acid that destroys your teeth! If you’re dehydrated and decide to go for a cup of cocoa or sugar-filled coffee you’re doubling up on your tooth decay risks!

If you do want a hot drink this winter we recommend tea without sugar. Tea contains compounds called catechins that actually kill and repel bacteria – it’s like getting a free boost of clean in the middle of the day!

Your Teeth Hate Cold Air

Just like anything else, your teeth expand when warm and contract when cold. It might not be enough to be visible but it does happen. If you breath with your mouth open in the cold winter air and then head inside you’re actually risking your teeth!

Small microfractures invisible to the naked eye can be caused by rapid temperature change in your mouth. When that happens you may experience temperature sensitivity, toothache, and increased cavity risk. While we can repair this damage you should do yourself a favor and simply breath through your nose in the cold air!

Winter Sports Mean Protection Is Needed!

Any high impact sport requires equipment, but even the gentler of winter sports could still use some! Everything’s frozen solid and a lot of it can hurt! If you’re heading out to the rink, river, or slopes make sure you’re protecting your teeth with a custom mouthguard from Millburn Dental Arts!

We can make custom fit mouthguards that provide far better protection than commercially available brands. A snug fit means there’s less room for your teeth to bounce around and slam into each other – definitely a plus!

Our custom mouthguards can also be made specifically for the sport you’re playing, offering varying levels of protection as needed. And we can even make them in custom colors for showing off your team spirit!

Be Careful This Winter!

No matter what you plan on doing this winter you should be aware of the additional oral health risks that come along with the change in seasons. We’ll do our best to help protect you but there’s one thing you need to be sure to do too: come see us for regular checkups every six months!

Your regular dental appointments are the cornerstone of keeping your teeth healthy. They allow us to get a detailed record of your health history so that we can see any small change that may require treatment. The best care is preventive, and we offer it at our Millburn dentist office!

Don’t wait another minute to do everything you can to protect your smile. Call us today at (973) 957-1604 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to braving the winter with you!


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