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You’ve probably never heard the expression, “Time equals teeth.” In a dental emergency situation, that saying is all too true. Ignoring a dental emergency can lead to tooth loss, unnecessary suffering, and possible health problems. In any dental emergency, you can count of Dr. Scott Krosser at Millburn Dental Arts in Millburn NJ to get you out of pain fast and to provide effective emergency care.

“Tough Guys” Need Not Apply

Here’s something that may sound like Captain Obvious said it: Mouths aren’t supposed to hurt. Pain in the mouth that’s not due to something obvious is almost always a sign that something is seriously wrong. The worst thing you can do is to try to “tough out” severe mouth pain or pain that rapidly becomes severe. That kind of pain is usually due to the presence of a dental infection, and those infections don’t clear up on their own in the vast majority of cases.

Sometimes, severe dental pain stops suddenly, and you might breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that it’s over. It’s not – that simply means that the nerve in the tooth has died and can’t send pain signals any longer. The cause of the pain is still there.

Dental infections can lead to the loosening of teeth, the loss of teeth, and even loss of the bone that supports the teeth. Beyond that, there’s a wide and growing body of research that links dental infections to potentially serious health problems, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung problems
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Poor diabetes control
  • Various forms of cancer

And many others.

Don’t try to tough out dental pain. Call Millburn Dental Arts in Millburn, NJ at once at 973-957-1604 for a same-day appointment. The teeth you save will certainly be your own.

Teeth Aren’t Supposed To Leave Their Sockets

Your adult teeth should stay firmly rooted in your jaw as long as you live. But accidents happen, and the result can be that one or more teeth get knocked out. As long as the tooth is intact, there’s a good chance that it can be reimplanted into its socket. Once in place, it can re-root and become a healthy and functional tooth again.

If you lose a tooth due to impact, the most important thing is to not touch the nerve. Rinse the tooth under clear water and place it in a container of water or milk. Then call Millburn Dental Arts at 973-957-1604 for further instructions and a same-day emergency appointment.

Yeah, That’s Not Good

Have you ever experienced that sickening “crunch” in your mouth when biting something hard? Hopefully, that was whatever you were biting that surrendered… but it may have been your tooth enamel, and that’s not good.

Tooth enamel is the single hardest substance in the human body, but even enamel has its limits. When enamel is broken, it opens up the inside of the tooth to disease-causing organisms. The longer that pathway is open, the greater the chance of developing a dental infection.

Sometime, that crunch is caused by the failure of a dental restoration such as a filling or dental crown. The effect is the same; the tooth can be at risk.

If you have a tooth that has been damaged for any reason, call Millburn Dental Arts in Millburn, NJ at once. Dr. Krosser can replace a damaged filling or protect and strengthen the tooth with a dental crown.

Time Equals Teeth. Don’t Take Chances.

Dr. Scott Krosser has seen just about every type of dental emergency imaginable in his three decades as a dentist. He will provide prompt care to get you out of pain, assess your situation, and discuss your options to restore and/or preserve your tooth.

In any dental emergency, call Millburn Dental Arts in Millburn, NJ at once at 973-957-1604 for a same-day emergency appointment.

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