Worried About Tooth Decay? Avoid These Behaviors!

Tooth decay is so incredibly common it’s estimated that over 95 percent of adults in the United States have or do suffer from it. This can mean the smallest chink in your enamel armor to full-blown cavities, but there’s one thing for sure: tooth decay is everywhere! At Millburn Dental Arts we work tirelessly to prevent tooth decay and protect your smile, but we can’t do it alone! You ...

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Don’t Let Aging Destroy Your Gums!

Tooth decay and gum disease are both incredibly common, and as we age the chances of experiencing one or the other continues to increase. By some estimates over 70 percent of people over the age of 65 suffer from periodontal diseases! Your gums are a very important part of your oral health and if they are damaged due to gum disease your risk of tooth loss increases as well! At our Millburn ...

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Restore Your Teeth Permanently In One Visit!

Oh, great: you’ve damaged a tooth! Whether it’s excess decay, trauma, or any other cause you need to get to the dentist fast! What’s the biggest worry, aside from pain, that you have right now? Probably how long it will take to restore that tooth, your smile, and your ability to eat with ease! You’ve heard about dental crowns before, and you’ve always heard they take WEEKS! And those ...

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Straighten Those Teeth Without a Metal Mouth!

Braces: no one wants them, but everyone wants their results. What about you? Have you ever thought about straightening your teeth but didn’t because of the stigma surrounding braces? If you thought teenagers felt bad imagine having braces as an adult! Good news: you don’t have to imagine wearing braces as an adult anymore, at least not at Millburn Dental Arts. We’re proud to offer you a ...

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Welcome to Millburn Dental Arts

At Millburn Dental Arts, Scott Krosser, DMD, and his dedicated team treat patients like family. We see it as our duty to provide the best care in a relaxed environment. We rely only on the most innovative, comfortable, and pain-free methods of providing dental care to patients of all ages – even as young as three! We understand that modern households in the Millburn, NJ area (including Short ...

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