No Shots. No Drills. Just Great Smiles.

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You’ve already got enough pain.

That throbbing, nagging pain in your mouth is all you can think about. You’ve done your best to ignore it, and look where that’s gotten you: More pain,  more often.

Every moment that goes by without treatment, the problem only gets worse. You are coming dangerously close to a dental emergency, and I hate to tell you this, but when – not if – that happens, then the solutions will be even more painful.

You could be facing an invasive series of tooth extractions if you keep putting off seeing your Millburn dentist the way you have.

As crazy as it sounds, though, you’ve got an understandable reason for this kind of avoidance: Pain. Sure, the pain caused by cavities can hurt you plenty. You’ve been living with it long enough, but to you, going to the dentist just means even greater short-term pain.

Just the thought of those shiny metal instruments poking around the soft flesh of your mouth is enough to keep you settling for a lack of proper treatment. And even though I can numb the pain and perform the work that you need, you don’t want anybody getting close to your smile with a needle.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with patients about this very thing, only for them to accept a treatment they never knew existed.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about an oral treatment tool known as Waterlase® that is revolutionizing the way dentists perform treatments and how patients like you accept it.

What is Waterlase®?

You know how the human body is 70% water? Well, last time I checked, your teeth are a part of your body. Just because they’re made of tough minerals doesn’t mean they’re an exception to that fact. Your teeth actually contain more water than you might realize.

This is important to understand how Waterlase® works. By using a combination of compressed air, water, and a finely-tuned laser, the Waterlase® can take care of cavities in a fraction of the time that traditional treatments used to take. Less time in the dentist’s chair is never a bad thing.

As the laser works to remove the cavity, the constant flow of pressurized water allows for greater penetration of the laser beam, and constantly cools the target area which prevents it from heating up. A lot of the discomfort you may remember from going to the dentist and being put under the drill comes from the heat of the drill itself. With Waterlase®, this isn’t an issue.

Once I’ve eradicated the cavity, the hard part is over! All that’s left is to fill the tooth with a natural-looking composite filling. They perfectly blend into your natural smile, unlike traditional gold or silver amalgam fillings.

No Need For Numbing

Because there is virtually no chance of pain with this advanced tool, there is no need for me to use numbing chemicals like Novocaine. This completely bypasses the need to stick you with any needles, so if you have trypanophobia (aka fear of needles), Waterlase® is the peace of mind you’ve been waiting for.

Not just any dentist can use this technique. It requires extensive knowledge and training, and the gift of a skilled hand. For 30 years, I’ve built my practice to be a leader in Essex County when it comes to the latest technology and services, because I believe my patients deserve the best possible treatment.

And it’s not just your fears that I’m trying to calm. If you have children, this technology can completely change their opinion about going to the dentist. The lack of pain and needles eliminates any reason they have to be scared of getting oral health treatment.

My experience in treating generations of Millburn families hasn’t prepared me for their response to this miraculous treatment. Just seeing the look on their faces while I am performing an important procedure that will save their smile is extremely fulfilling; they’re waiting for pain that simply never comes! And when I am finished, I’ve never seen bigger smiles in my entire life.

There is no sense in letting cavities and a fear of pain get in the way of having healthy, beautiful smiles. As a leading practitioner of Waterlase®, you will be hard pressed to find another Millburn dentist who can give you gentle family dentistry without the pain.

To alleviate your pain in more ways than one, schedule your appointment with me by calling (973) 957-1604, or by filling out this easy online form.

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