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Are you ready to finally do something about those crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth that greet you in the mirror every morning? We can help! At our Millburn, NJ dental office, it is quite possible that we can connect you to Invisalign clear aligners, an efficient and effective method for shifting adult teeth. Keep reading to hear our top 5 perks of Invisalign clear aligners , as reported by our patients, and then call us at (973) 957-1604 to request your consultation.

1. This Orthodontic Treatment Is Hidden

Because this orthodontic treatment makes use of clear (almost invisible) plastic aligners to move your teeth into better positions, no one will get wise to what is going on your mouth. There won’t be any staring or annoying conversations at the office.

2. Your “Clear Braces” Come Out

Invisalign aligners allow you to take them out whenever it makes sense to do so, as long as you wear them for most of every day. Try taking classic metal braces off for a break! That won’t happen until the end of your journey, unfortunately.

3. No Disruptions

When you are using Invisalign clear aligners, you won’t have to schedule time off of work to get those awkward orthodontic hardware adjustments each month. Rather, you handle the process yourself by switching out your aligners for the next ones in the series. This happens approximately every two weeks.

What’s more, you won’t need to keep special tools around, or waste time shopping for food that won’t get stuck in your metal wires and brackets. None of those problems will enter your life.

4. The Journey Is Pleasant

Metal is never going to feel natural in your mouth. It has a way of causing minor trauma over the course of an orthodontic treatment. Invisalign aligners won’t cause discomfort the way that classic metal braces will. They are more like a mouthguard in the way that they rest comfortably over your teeth. So, you won’t need to look for waxes to form a protective barrier over your soft tissues. With your aligners there won’t be any bleeding, sores, or discomfort.

5. Your Treatment Wraps Up Quickly

Invisalign clear aligners allows you to look and feel a whole lot better in only about 12 months time. Braces would require 2-3 long years without respite. We like to think that the difference is clear. So, what are you waiting for? You can get started right away, but first we’ll have to determine if you are a good candidate or not.

Once we’ve determined that clear aligners are for you, we’ll put the latest technology to work for your Invisalign treatment. Our leader, Dr. Krosser, kicks things off by taking digital impressions of your teeth that are then used to create your aligners. And he can give you a sneak peek preview of your straighter, more uniform smile using our high-tech Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

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