Lasers: Advanced, Gentle Cavity Treatment

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Try to imagine going to the dentist to get a filling.

Now imagine that the dentist doesn’t give you any anesthetic before the procedure begins. Yet, you don’t feel any pain as the decay is removed from your tooth. The filling material is added and you are sent on your way.

If you come to Millburn Dental Arts, you won’t have to imagine this scenario. It is the reality for many patients at our dentist office in Millburn, NJ.

This is possible because we don’t use a drill. We use the WaterLase, instead. Dental lasers are an important part of our gentle approach to family dentistry.

You Will Probably Have A Cavity Some Day

Cavities are a widespread concern for dentists, patients, and parents. They can turn into much bigger problems if they are not treated.

On the other hand, removing the decay and filling your tooth is often enough to prevent any major oral health problems.

Statistically, you are likely to have at least one cavity during your lifetime. Don’t get us wrong. We hope none of our patients ever have a cavity, and some people go their entire lives without developing tooth decay.

Nevertheless, we want you to be aware how common cavities are. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research:

▪︎ 42 percent of children will have a cavity between the ages of 2 and 11 in at least one of their primary teeth

▪︎ 59 percent of people will have a cavity between the ages of 12 and 19

▪︎ 92 percent of adults between 20 and 64 years old have had at least one cavity

▪︎ 93 percent of adults 65 and older have had at least one cavity

As you can see, your odds of having a cavity increase the longer you are alive. Based on the NIDCR statistics, if you wrote down the names of 20 people, 18 or 19 of them will have a cavity at some point.

Now, maybe you are 1 or 2 who will live a cavity-free life, but even if you do, the rest of your family will probably have a cavity at some point. For that reason, it’s good to know that Millburn Dental Arts is here to help.

How We Treat Tooth Decay

Many people have dental anxiety, and one of the causes of that anxiety is a concern about pain. In the past, the drill was commonly used to remove decay, and the drill could be painful at times.

It’s understandable that some people would become anxious upon hearing the sound of the drill even before they could feel it vibrating against their decayed tooth.

That doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience to us, so our Dr. Krosser found a better way to remove tooth decay.

The WaterLase uses a laser to remove the decay from your tooth. To reduce any heat, the laser passes through a stream of water. The result is a gentle method of taking out the decay.

We do offer anesthetic if you would like, but many patients have learned that it’s often not necessary with the WaterLase.

By using the WaterLase, you don’t feel any of the vibrations from the drill. This is good because those vibrations can sometimes create cracks in teeth. The vibrations also make the drill less precise, which means more of your tooth may be removed than necessary.

With the WaterLase, our dentist has greater control. This means he can remove the decay while preserving as much of the healthy parts of your tooth as possible.

Once the decay is removed, we can fill the cavity with our tooth-colored fillings.

These fulfill the basic function of any filling (restoring the shape of your tooth and protecting it from further decay). At the same time, our dental fillings blend in with your tooth, which makes them less noticeable than gold or amalgam metal fillings.

When To Replace Your Fillings

Unfortunately, no one has yet developed a permanent filling. From time to time, you will need to have yours replaced.

By visiting Millburn Dental Arts for routine cleanings and examinations, we can watch for any changes in your filling so you’ll know when it’s time for a new one.

Fillings can chip, crack, wear down, separate from your tooth, or even fall out. Any of these things can expose vulnerable parts of your tooth to the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

By replacing your fillings as needed, you reduce your risk of developing a bigger cavity.

Do You Need To Make An Appointment?

Whether you have a cavity or you just want to prevent one, you have a reason to make an appointment at our dentist office if you live in or near Millburn, NJ.

To schedule your cleaning and exam, call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604 or fill out our online form.

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