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We’ve discussed laser dentistry in previous posts, but today we have a particular reason for mentioning one specific procedure.

February is Gum Disease Awareness Month, and LANAP is an important part of the gum disease treatment we provide at our dentist office in Millburn, NJ.

While we want you to understand the benefits of LANAP, we also want to remind you what you can and should be doing to prevent gum disease. Dr. Krosser and our team at Millburn Dental Arts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about gum disease and about gum disease treatment.

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What Is LANAP?

LANAP is laser-assisted new attachment procedure. It’s a modern approach for dealing with advanced periodontal disease without using a scalpel.

Not long ago, your best option for removing infected gum tissue was to cut it out, literally. Using a scalpel, a dentist would remove the infected tissue along with some healthy tissue to make sure the infection was removed. Then you would get stitches to pull your tissue together as you heal.

As you might imagine, cutting into gum tissue caused bleeding, which could complicate the procedure.

By using the PerioLase, Dr. Krosser has a less invasive way of removing infected tissue from your mouth. The laser is used to remove infected tissue directly. This has multiple benefits for you, the patient.

First, there are no cuts. This means less bleeding during the procedure. Second, the laser seals the remaining tissue as the infected tissue is removed. This preserves more of your healthy tissue, and it eliminates the need for stitches in most cases.

Third, this speeds up your recovery after the periodontal treatments is complete.

So there you have it. LANAP is less invasive, saves more healthy gum tissues, and improves recovery times.

At our dentist office in Millburn, NJ, we see that as a win-win-win for our patients.

Other Gum Treatment Options

The PerioLase also can be used as part of a pain-free alternative to scaling and root planing.

If you’ve had a regular dental cleaning, then you have some idea how scaling and root planing works. At some time during your routine care, you’ve probably had a dental hygienist remove tartar from your teeth with a scaler. That’s one of the tools with the small hooks on the ends.

For scaling and root planing, we go deeper. We go under the gumline to remove plaque and tartar from the roots of your teeth.

Thanks to our modern dental tools, we have a better, less painful way of accomplishing this goal. The PerioLase can be used in combination with an ultrasonic scaler.

Instead of small hooks, ultrasonic scalers use vibrations and water to remove the built-up plaque and tartar. This is gentler, yet still effective.

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Fighting Gum Disease

For starters, you should be receiving professional dental cleaning on a regular basis. This is a service that we have provided for patients in and around Millburn, NJ, for decades.

During your visits, we will remove plaque and tartar, and we will keep an eye open for gum disease symptoms:

▸ Bleeding gums

▸ Swollen or red gums

▸ Painful or tender gums

▸ Receding gums or pockets between your gums and teeth

▸ Loose teeth or changes in your bite

If you notice one or more of the final three symptoms on this list, you should contact Millburn Dental Arts as soon as you can. These are symptoms advanced gum disease, which should only be treated by a dental professional.

The first two symptoms are signs of gingivitis, which is a mild form of gum disease. The good news about gingivitis (if you can have good news about gum disease) is that you may be able to reverse it at home.

What you need to do is what you should be doing already — brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing your teeth once per day.

Many times, being more deliberate about your oral care routine can be enough to stop gingivitis from progressing. As you floss, you should notice less bleeding until it stops. (If the bleeding continues, you may already have periodontitis, in which case you should call us.)

When this happens, let it serve as a lesson to keep flossing daily to remove the bacteria and plaque from the places you can’t reach with a toothbrush.

Making An Appointment

We look forward to seeing you whether you are looking to prevent gum disease or you need gum disease treatment. We want to keep your mouth healthy and keep you smiling.

Call (973) 957-1604 or fill out our online form to schedule your next (or your first) appointment at Millburn Dental Arts soon.

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