Know Where To Get Emergency Dental Care When You Need It

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If you are having a dental emergency now, please call (973) 957-1604 if you are in or near Millburn, NJ. Our dentist wants to help you get treated as soon as possible.

If you are not having a dental emergency, keep reading to learn what you can do and where to go if you ever do.

It’s Saturday afternoon. You are watching your daughter in a basketball game. During a fight for a rebound, you child takes an elbow to the face and falls over.

Play stops. The coach runs to your daughter’s side, then he starts scanning the stands. When he sees you, he waves you down to the floor.

Your child is holding her mouth, but you can see she is bleeding. The coach then says, “I think that’s her tooth.”

You look and sure enough, what looks like a tooth in lying on the floor next to your daughter. What should you do now?

We will go into greater detail in a moment, but we hope you will call Millburn Dental Arts. Our dentist, Dr. Krosser, knows that emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. That’s why his personal phone number is available on our answering machine.

If we aren’t open, he still wants you to be able to reach him. When you or someone you love is having a dental emergency, we know that you will want help quickly.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

It could be a toothache that seems to come on unexpectedly.

It could be a broken dental appliance like braces.

It could be a dental crown or dental bridge that has come loose.

It could be a broken tooth or a tooth that has been knocked loose like in our example above.

We can’t run down every possible reason you may need emergency dental care. In general, if you think it’s an emergency, then you should give us a call.

When you are able to talk to Dr. Krosser, he can answer your questions and help you determine how serious the situation is and how quickly you need to get to our dentist office in Millburn, NJ.

How To Prepare For A Dental Emergency

First, we would recommend programming our phone number — (973) 957-1604 — in your cell phone. This way, it will be easy to find if a dental emergency does arise.

Second, have a dental first aid kit. You can buy a pre-made kit or put together one on your own.

Some suggestions for your kit include:

▪︎ Dental floss (to pry loose anything that could be stuck between teeth and gums)

▪︎ Pain reliever (to ease pain from a toothache or injury)

▪︎ Gauze (to soak up blood and to cover broken teeth)

▪︎ Dental wax (to cover broken teeth or broken wires)

It’s also a good idea to do some research on what to do in particular dental emergencies. A great place to start is the dental emergencies page on

Mouth Healthy is a website designed by the American Dental Association to provide oral care information for the general public.

So, What About That Knocked-Out Tooth?

In our example situation, you first want to pick up your daughter’s tooth by the crown so you can rinse off any blood and dirt. You also want your daughter to rinse her mouth.

If needed, she can use gauze to apply pressure and soak up blood until the bleeding stops.

She should place the tooth back in its socket if possible. If it will stay, try to leave it there until you are able to see Dr. Krosser. If the tooth won’t stay, you should keep it moist by placing it in a container of milk.

You daughter can take a pain reliever, and she may want to apply ice to reduce swelling. A word of caution, however. She should NOT hold aspirin against her gums since this can cause burns to the soft tissues of her mouth.

And again, call our dentist office in Millburn, NJ, as soon as you are able.

Can You Prevent Dental Emergencies?

You can reduce your risk of dental emergencies by following some basic preventive steps.

Good oral hygiene will reduce your risk of cavities or gum disease, either of which can lead to more serious oral health issues.

Wearing a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard can protect your teeth and jaw in the event of an impact (like an elbow to the mouth). In some cases, this could be the difference between a sore lip and a missing or broken tooth.

It is important to keep in mind that wearing a mouthguard, like wearing a seat belt, won’t stop an accident from happening. It may reduce the effects of that collision, however.

Call us now (973) 957-1604 if you need emergency care. If you want to make an appointment for preventive care, you can call or contact us online to plan your visit to Millburn Dental Arts.

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