How You Can Feel Better About Your Smile

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How would you describe your smile?

If you answered, “It’s perfect,” then this post probably isn’t for you.

Today we are discussing cosmetic dentistry, which is one of the many services we offer at our dentist office in Millburn, NJ.

Cosmetic dentistry helps millions of people every year, including many of our patients. Cosmetic dental care isn’t about vanity. It’s about self-confidence. When you are proud of your smile, you are more likely to share it with the world.

Smiling can make you feel better. (Really, try smiling now.) It also can lift someone else’s spirits when they see you smile.

To explain some of the cosmetic services we offer at Millburn Dental Arts, we have made up some stories. While these aren’t real people, we have treated many patients with similar issues.

Sal’s Spacey Teeth

Ever since he’s had his permanent teeth, Sal has had a space in the middle. In high school, it made him self-conscious about his smile. Those feelings have carried over into adulthood.

Now, that he is close to graduating from college, Sal knows that he will need to go on job interviews soon. He is worried that his possible employers will be distracted by the gap between his teeth.

After visiting our office and explaining his issue, we explain how dental bonding can give him the smile that he would like.

With dental bonding, we can apply a composite resin to Sal’s teeth to close the gap. The resin will match the color of his teeth and be strong enough to hold up to the daily grind of biting and chewing food.

Christy’s Crooked Teeth

Christy graduated from college a couple years ago. She landed an entry-level job doing a lot of customer relations over the phone for her company.

As she has become more knowledgeable about their products, her supervisors have told her that she would be a good candidate for a sales position. This would involve visiting existing clients and setting up face-to-face meetings with potential new clients.

Christy is excited about the opportunity, but she is concerned that her crooked teeth could affect her ability to build relationships with those clients.

She didn’t have braces when she was younger, and she has noticed that everyone who works in sales seems to have perfect teeth. She can’t imagine getting braces now, but she calls us to find out if there is another way to get her teeth straight.

We encourage her to stop by to find out if she is a good candidate for Invisalign. This system uses transparent aligners to push teeth into straight positions. The aligners are discreet, so she can wear them while working and most people (coworkers or clients) won’t know she has them on.

Every few weeks she will replace her aligner with a new one until her teeth are in their final positions. This means Christy can work on her smile and her career at the same time.

Ginger’s Gummy Smile

Ginger dreams of being an actress. She loves being on stage, and she hopes to find a role in a professional company.

She knows she needs to have headshots made, but she hasn’t done it for one reason. She has a gummy smile, and she’s embarrassed about it.

In pictures with family and friends, she keeps her lips firmly pressed together. To pursue her dream, however, she knows her employer will want to see her smiling wide.

A close friend told about the dental lasers that we use in our practice, and how they can be used to remove gum tissue.

In Ginger’s case, her smile is more gum than teeth because she has a higher proportion gum tissue than many people.

We showed her our WaterLase. This device passes a laser through water molecules. For many patients, this laser allows us to reshape their gums for cosmetic or restorative purposes without any anesthetic.

Dennis’s Dental Dilemma

Dennis doesn’t know where to begin.

He can’t imagine there would be any way to improve his smile. Some of his teeth are crowded together. Some are crooked, and a few have become worn down from chewing on too many pieces of hard candy.

And his decades of large coffees are catching up with his smile as well. The stains on his teeth have made him more aware of the flaws in his smile.

The good news for Dennis is that we can fix all those problems with a single service — veneers. These are a kind of shell that is bonded to the front of his teeth.

When he is finished, he can have a smile that he’s dream about with straight teeth that a parallel to one another and dazzlingly white.

Can You Relate?

Your situation may not match any of the characters we created, but you may have found something in common with one or more of them.

We welcome you to schedule a consultation at Millburn Dental Arts. Our dentist will listen to what you would like to change about your teeth, and he can recommend the service or services that could turn your dream smile into a reality.

Fill out our online form or call (973) 957-1604 to make an appointment at our dentist office in Millburn, NJ.

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