Gum Disease: What Do You Know? [quiz]

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How much do you know about gum disease? Do you know if you are at a higher risk than other people? Do you know how to prevent it?

Today, we are giving you a way to find out with a short quiz on gum disease, its treatments, and its symptoms. (If you read our first blog this month, you will have an advantage on this quiz.)

As we noted in a previous post, this is Gum Disease Awareness Month. The team at our dentist office wants everyone in and around Millburn, NJ, to be proactive in fighting gum disease. One way to do that is with regular dental cleanings and exams and Millburn Dental Arts.

After you finished the quiz, give us a call at (973) 957-1604 or contact us online to schedule your next or your first dental appointment with us.

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