Get Into The Habit Of a Healthy Mouth!

In our last blog we talked all about bad habits that could be destroying your teeth. Today we want to reverse course and talk about things you could do that keep your teeth healthy, happy, and shiny! Many of these steps are quite simple, and we recommend all of them to the patients at our Millburn dentist office!

It’s important to couple these good habits with the elimination of bad ones – if you’re working to better your oral health but are still doing bad things you’re just taking a step back for every two you take forward! Be sure to refer to our previous article fo tips on what to eliminate!

Good Habit #1: Tea, Not Coffee

Sorry coffee fans: the high acidity of your favorite brewed beans just isn’t a good choice for your teeth. Acid weakens your enamel, letting plaque bacteria do its dirty work with less resistance! Tea, on the other hand, is a great supplement to your oral health!

Both green and black tea are great, but green is better! Green tea contains high levels of compounds called catechins, which are known for their ability to disrupt plaque bacteria! They not only prevent acid formation but also kill bacteria for a double-whammy of tooth protection!

To make your morning cup of tea even better try making it with your home tap water. If you live in the city you’ll get an added dose of fluoride from the water to further protect your teeth!

Good Habit #2: Eat More Cheese!

We all know that dairy is good for your teeth – so much calcium! The benefit you can get from all the different dairy products we eat varies, however, and one thing comes out on top: cheese!

You may have been told to avoid sticky foods, but cheese is one definite exception. The stickiness of cheese is what makes it such an amazing cavity fighter! Not only are you getting a good dose of calcium, but cheese sticks to your teeth to provide long-lasting protection! It lasts long after you think the cheese is gone in the form of a film that repels plaque acids. You’re really doing your teeth a favor by snacking on some good, natural cheese!

Good Habit #3: Fluoride, Fluoride, Fluoride!

The vast majority of United States citizens get their water from a city supply, and the vast majority of those have added fluoride. Water fluoridation has been going on for over 50 years and has produced amazing results! Cavity rates have seen declines, and studies show that for every $1 spent in water fluoridation $38 in dental treatments are avoided!

Getting fluoride from you water is an important part of protecting your teeth, and you can get it from sources other than drinking! Cooking, baking, and any other meal preparation using fluoridated water is great for your teeth!

You should also always brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride. Water isn’t enough on its own to do the trick! Make sure you also get regular fluoride treatments at Millburn Dental Arts!

Good Habit #4: Flossing

A third of Americans admit to flossing less than daily – that’s a lot of people! Like it or not flossing is an important part of maintaining a healthy mouth and should be done daily! It can be difficult to get into a good flossing habit simply because it’s a hassle, but never forget why it’s so important!

Those tiny spaces between your teeth are totally safe from your toothbrush, and that’s where plaque and food particles like to hide. Left on their own you’ll end up with a lot of bacteria producing a lot of acid and no one stopping it! By taking just five minutes out of your evening to clean the spots between your teeth where you can’t reach you’ll be preventing decay from ruining your smile!

Good Habit #5: Regular Dentist Visits

There’s one thing that you simply have to do to keep your teeth healthy: visit your dentist! Regular cleanings and exams at our Millburn dentist office are an essential part in maintaining your teeth. There are countless spots in your mouth where even flossing can’t reach but a professional oral hygienist knows well!

Regular visits also ensure early detection and diagnosis of damage and decay to your teeth. We’ll be able to treat problems before they become serious, painful, and expensive!

If you want to find out even more ways to protect your smile then you should call Millburn Dental Arts at (973) 957-1604 today! If you’re ready to take your oral health to the next level then schedule an appointment right now using our online form. We look forward to treating you!

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