Dental Treatment With A Laser Focus

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When you think of lasers what comes to mind?

Star Wars?

Star Trek?

High-tech scientific research?

What about Millburn Dental Arts?

It’s not as crazy as it might seem at first. Lasers aren’t just for science fiction or laboratory research.

Lasers have real-life applications, and our dentist office is putting them to use for our patients in and around Millburn, NJ.

Today, we want to discuss three different lasers that we use as part of our modern general dentistry practice.

★ PerioLase

Gum disease is one of the most widespread oral health problems in the United States. The American Dental Hygienists Association reports that more than 70 percent of Americans have some form of periodontal disease. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that nearly have of adults 30 and older have periodontitis, which is considered an advanced form of gum disease.

You also may not realize the more teeth are lost as a result of gum disease than any other cause.

The PerioLase is one of our best weapons in the fight against advanced gum disease. We use it as part of our LANAP treatment or laser-assisted new attachment procedure.

Before soft tissue lasers were developed, you might have been required to have surgery to cut the infected tissue from your mouth. This meant more bleeding, a longer recovery time, and a greater risk of reinfection.

With the PerioLase, we can zero in on the infected tissue and literally zap it. At the same time, the laser can seal your healthy tissue. This reduces bleeding, reduces recovery time, and preserves more of your healthy gum tissue.

★ DIAGNOdent

The human eye is an absolutely amazing thing. You can focus on something quite small in from your eye or track movement in the distance.

And yet, we also know that our eyes have limitations. That’s why we have developed microscopes to see things far smaller than our eyes could ever perceive on their own and telescopes to see further than we could ever travel.

Sight is one way to observe problems, like cavities and tooth decay, but we can’t see those changes in the earliest stages.

However, we can detect where that decay starts with the DIAGNOdent system. This tool emits laser pulses into your teeth. The DIAGNOdent is able to measure the fluorescence of different parts of your teeth.

This measurement can be quantified so that a dentist or hygienist can identify tooth decay in places they would not have seen otherwise.

When we know where the decay is, we can get to work treating it and preventing it from spreading.

★ Waterlase

The DIAGNOdent can help us detect cavities in the earliest stages, but a lot can happen between dental visits. If you should develop a cavity, we will need to remove the decay from your tooth so we can fill it.

At one time, this would have meant the dreaded drill. This was an effective means of getting rid of the decay even it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable experience.

The Waterlase does the same job, but in a less painful and cooler way — and we mean cooler in multiple ways.

As you may have guessed from its name, this tool combines water and lasers.

For someone who has tooth decay, we aim the tool where it needs to work. The laser passes through a stream of water. This excites the water molecules, which allows the dentist to cut away the decay.

The water acts to cool down the heat from the laser at the same time. This makes this procedure much, much less painful than what you may remember if you ever felt the drill on your teeth.

Hopefully, you won’t need it for this reason, but the Waterlase also can be used to create an opening for a root canal treatment. Again, this is as effective as the drill but without the pain that comes with it.

What Could Lasers Do For You?

As you can see, laser dentistry is likely to become more common in the future, but you don’t have to wait. You can get those benefits today if you visit Millburn Dental Arts for your general dentistry.

We can use lasers to identify problems early, and we can use lasers to treat problems more efficiently and less painfully.

You can contact our dentist office in Millburn, NJ if you have questions about our laser dentistry or if you want to make an appointment. You can contact us online or by calling (973) 957-1604.

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