Common Foods That Secretly Hurt Your Family’s Teeth

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The Best Ways To Protect Their Teeth

Beyond the obvious things like don’t open bottles with your teeth, the best way you can help your family is by following the Big 3:

1. Brush at home.
2. Floss at home.
3. Get dental exams and cleanings at our Millburn, NJ dental office.

Brushing and flossing help get rid of food and drink particles. When those build up in your family’s mouths, cavities and gum disease are much more likely. Cleaning your teeth and gums daily really is that important.

But there’s only so much you can do without specialized training and technology. That’s why visiting with Dr. Krosser every six months is vital. Our hygienists can clean away plaque and tartar, and Dr. Krosser will provide a thorough exam.

How Dr. Krosser’s Exams Are Different

That’s where our dental office can be different from others. We have some state-of-the-art dental equipment here in Millburn, NJ.

  • DIAGNOdent helps us spot cavities too small to otherwise detect.
  • SOPRO intraoral cameras give us clear views of your teeth and gums from all sides.
  • WaterLase combines a dental laser with water for painless drilling.

Plus, our whole team loves to work with children, and you can bring children as young as three years old to our dental office. Millburn Dental Arts is a true family dentistry office.

How Your Family Can Secretly Hurt Their Smiles

In the meantime, here are some foods and drinks that might be hurting their teeth without anyone realizing it.


Chewing on ice is fun for lots of people, but there are two big risks with that. First, your teeth could slam together hard when your crack through ice cubes. That could damage your enamel. Second, ice is hard enough to scrape away a tiny amount of enamel. It’s a small amount, but you know how that can build up over time.

Diet soda

True, diet soda is much better for you than regular, sugary soda. However, just because it doesn’t have sugar doesn’t mean it’s not bad for your teeth. All soda has high levels of acid to help prevent the drink from tasting too sweet.

Since all drinks coat your teeth and gums, that means you’re coating both with acid. Do this over and over again like many soda drinkers, and your enamel can get weaker.


Your children might not be enjoying wine or beer, but the adult members of your family can. Alcoholic drinks often have a lot of sugar. Wine is full of acid. All alcohol dries out your mouth. Saliva normally helps wash away food particles that otherwise lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Drying out your mouth with alcohol keeps those food particles there.

Coffee and tea

These days, coffee and tea drinks from popular chains often have a lot more sugar than the average can of soda. This stuff can feed harmful bacteria and increase your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Coffee and tea also have a lot of acid, which can further weaken your teeth. But they also leave behind tiny stains on the enamel. Over time, this turns your family’s smiles dark and dingy.

Fruit juices and sports drinks

Juice is full of vitamins, but it’s also full of sugar and acid. Both are harmful to your teeth and gums. Since sugar is very close to carbohydrates, many sports drinks are also bad. Many have a ton of carbs in it since they’re designed to give you energy and get you back to the game. Harmful bacteria behind cavities love carbs almost as much as they love sugar.

Call us at (973) 957-1604 today and schedule a dental cleaning and dental exam for everyone in your family. Family dentistry can help everyone’s teeth, even with these sneaky foods and drinks causing problems. We can often make appointments next to each other so you’ll have fewer trips to our Millburn, NJ dental office. Even better, Dr. Krosser has advanced training to spot dental problems while they are still small, manageable, and less expensive to fix.

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