You Can Do More With Implant-Supported Dentures

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Your grandkids are visiting. The youngest waddles over with a book in his hand. He wants you to read him a story.

You get through a few pages OK, then it happens. Your dentures slip out as you try to describe what’s happening to the little puppy. (Your grandson laughs at your “funny” way of reading the story.)

In this situation, losing your teeth isn’t so bad, but when it’s happening other places — ordering food, talking to a client at work, or chatting with your friends — it’s a little embarrassing.

When you first got your dentures, they stayed in place and felt comfortable. Now, they feel so loose, and they don’t seem to fit right anymore.

You can do something about that. You can visit our Millburn, NJ, dentist office to ask about dental implants. At Millburn Dental Arts, we have seen how implant-supported dentures have improved the lives of many patients with dentures.

The first step is scheduling a consultation. Call us at (973) 957-1604 or contact us online to request an appointment.

Why Dentures Go Wrong

Even if you get high-quality dentures that are perfectly molded to fit your mouth, that will change with time.

It’s not because of the dentures. It’s because your mouth will change with time. That causes your dentures to feel looser, which makes it more difficult to speak and to eat.

To understand what’s happening, let’s go back to a time when you had all your teeth. Your teeth were connected directly to your jawbone by their roots.

Your roots anchored your teeth in place, but they did something else, too. They help keep your jaw healthy. Each time you took a bite or chewed a piece of food, you also pushed your roots into your jawbone.

That pressure stimulated your jaw so it created new bone tissue. This new tissue is what keeps your jaw healthy. The new tissue replaced older tissue that is reabsorbed by the bone.

Without the new tissue, the bone will begin to shrink. Without pressure from your roots, there is no pressure to spur the new bone tissue growth.

Traditional dentures rest over your gums. They are not connected to your jawbone, which means they don’t provide the stimulation your jawbone needs to create new tissue.

As your jaw shrinks, it changes the shape of your mouth. And that affects how well or how poorly your dentures fit. This is why dentures often need to be refitted or replaced.

Or, you can do something to keep your jaw healthy by making an appointment with our dentist in Millburn, NJ. Find out if dental implants could help you by calling (973) 957-1604.

How Dental Implants Improve Dentures

The important thing to remember is that dental implants are replacements for the roots of your tooth.

Like our roots, they are embedded in your jawbone. Like your roots did for your teeth, your implants provide a direct connection between your jaw and your teeth replacements.

This is good for your jawbone, too. When you have implant-supported dentures, the force of your bite pushes the dental implants into your jawbone. That encourage the kind of new bone growth your jaw needs to remain healthy and to prevent shrinking.

When you have implant-supported dentures, you can feel confident that your replacement teeth will stay in place. That can make a big difference in many ways, but one of the most obvious is how you eat.

More specifically, it allows you to bite with much greater force. According to multiple studies, people with dental implants have nearly as much power as people who have all their teeth. By comparison, people with dentures generate about one-fourth of the power as someone with all of his or her teeth.

With dental implants, you could eat foods again that you have avoided for years because they were too hard or too chewy.

To learn more, just schedule a consultation with Dr. Krosser at Millburn Dental Arts.

Dental Implants Can Improve The Little Moments

Let’s return to the start of this post, as you were reading a story to your grandson.

Imagine flipping from a page to page, changing voices for the little puppy and the other characters in the book. Imagine your grandson laughing at the things you are doing on purpose rather than your accidental mispronunciations when your dentures come loose.

Don’t let your dentures get in the way. With implant-supported dentures, you can feel like you have a whole new set of teeth.

If you are ready to learn firsthand what dental implants could do for you, call (973) 957-1604 or contact us online at our Millburn, NJ, dentist office.

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