6 Reasons Your Teeth Need CEREC Crowns

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Teeth are not perfect. They can get damaged. When that happens, you need to repair your tooth. It’s not just the pain that’s the problem. Damaged teeth can lead to infections and other health problems. That’s why dental crowns were invented — to repair teeth. At Millburn Dental Arts, we have CEREC dental crowns that will repair damage and make your teeth look fantastic.

Why Are CEREC Crowns Special?

Dental crowns have been around for a while, but CEREC technology is much newer. This system uses three-dimensional scanning technology to accurately measure your teeth and mouth. These measurements are used to create a beautiful and natural-looking dental crown right here in our Millburn, NJ dental office. Instead of waiting weeks for a lab to make and ship crowns, you’ll get them the same day as your visit.

You get a better fit without waiting weeks. That’s why CEREC is special.

How CEREC Crowns Can Help Your Teeth

But what are they used for? Here are six reasons why your teeth can benefit from having a CEREC crown.

  1. You have an infected tooth and need root canal therapy. Your teeth are protected by enamel and dentin, two very tough substances. It’s very hard for anything to slip past these. It can still happen. Sometimes, a cavity breaks through both substances. You can also have both broken by a bad accident. When either happens, harmful bacteria can infect the dental pulp inside your tooth. The only way to remove that infection is through root canal therapy. Dr. Krosser will make a small opening in your tooth and remove the infection. You need to cover up that hole, which is where CEREC crowns come in. They will seal up that hole and help keep your teeth strong.
  2. One of your teeth has a cavity too big for fillings. The bacteria that can infect your dental pulp are also the problem behind tooth decay and cavities. They secrete an acid that ruins your enamel, leaving a cavity behind. If caught early, the cavity can be repaired with a filling. This gets rid of the bacteria there and makes the tooth strong again. However, some cavities are too big for a filling. Putting that much filling in there could crack your healthy enamel. Instead, you can get a CEREC crown. It seals up the area to prevent the bacteria from returning. It also keeps your teeth strong enough to use normally.
  3. One of your teeth is so damaged that it’s ready to crack wide open. Sometimes, the damage isn’t from harmful bacteria. If you ride a bike or play contact sports without an athletic mouthguard, you could have a bad accident that cracks a tooth. Sometimes, you can cover that crack with a veneer or similar treatment. If the crack is too big, you’re at risk for having the tooth fracture. This exposes your dental pulp to the air, making it very painful and easy to infect. CEREC crowns cover every side of your tooth. They will hold a tooth together tightly so it won’t fracture.
  4. A tooth was naturally misshapen or has become very discolored. Not all damage to a tooth is caused by an accident. Some people are just born with a problem. They could have a tooth that looks odd or misshapen. The same is true for discoloration. Sure, coffee and tobacco can stain your teeth. It’s rare, but some teeth have stains deep inside that aren’t caused by food or drink. Since a CEREC crown is made to look like a natural, healthy tooth, it’s perfect for placing on teeth with such problems. Discolorations and odd shapes will be hidden by a beautiful CEREC crown.
  5. The enamel on a tooth has become too thin. Tooth decay is a common problem. That’s because the harmful bacteria causing it are almost impossible to get rid of completely. They keep finding tiny particles of food and thriving off of them. But they also need a place to live. Some people have enamel that was worn thin by bruxism, malocclusion, or a similar problem. Bacteria can live in those worn areas. It also increases the chance bacteria will break through to your dental pulp, requiring root canal therapy. CEREC crowns add a strong layer of protection to your teeth. Any worn spots will be safe.
  6. You need to replace a missing tooth with a dental bridge. It’s regrettable, but sometimes a tooth is lost. It could get knocked out, fall out due to gum disease, or need to be extracted to keep you healthy. A dental bridge is an effective and non-surgical way to replace that missing tooth. A bridge uses two CEREC crowns placed on either side of the gap. A third crown is made to fill the space. It’s firmly connected to the other crowns, making sure it’s durable and strong.

If you are ready to fix your teeth and make them look great again, call us today at (973) 957-1604.

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