4 Reasons You Should Get A Dental Crown At Our Office

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Dental crowns have helped countless patients at Millburn Dental Arts. One of our CEREC dental crowns may be just the thing your smile needs, too.

Dental crowns can be used for a wide range of reasons within restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Our dentist in Millburn, NJ, can examine your teeth and let you know if a dental crown is the right option for you.

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► 1. Your tooth has been damaged.

Teeth can become damaged in a number of ways.

A fall or impacts can cause a tooth to break. Biting into something that’s a little too hard can cause you to chip your teeth. If a cavity grows too large, then a dental crown may be a better option than a dental filling. Likewise, you may decide to get a crown if you’ve had a filling replaced multiple times.

The first step in getting your dental crown is having Dr. Krosser remove the weak or decayed parts of your tooth. In doing this, he will form or the healthy parts of your tooth into an abutment.

Your dental crown will be bonded to this abutment when it is ready. The end result will be a smile that looks complete and a tooth replacement that looks natural.

Our dental crowns also restore the function of your tooth, so you can feel confident when you eat.

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▶︎ 2. Your tooth is discolored, misshapen, or small.

What we described above are examples of restorative dentistry. However, you may want to consider a dental crown for cosmetic reasons as well.

An injury can lead to discoloration of an individual tooth. Sometimes teeth don’t form like we might expect. If your tooth looks oddly shaped or appears small compared to its neighbors, you can fix either or both of those issues with a dental crown.

In these cases, the process is similar to what we do for damaged teeth. It’s the purpose that somewhat different.

If you would like to improve your smile with a dental crown, contact our dentist in Millburn, NJ, today.

▶︎ 3. Your tooth is infected.

This situation is a bit more complicated. If you have an infected tooth, more than likely you will need a root canal treatment.

Now, before you get worried. Remember that we can perform a pain-free root canal procedures with the help of sedation dentistry. Your dental crown serves as a cap at the end of the treatment.

During a root canal, our dentist will remove the infected tissue from inside your tooth. After the tooth has been cleaning and sanitized, it is filled with a special material to help it maintain its shape.

To seal the tooth and restore its shape, a dental crown is added as the last step. This also provided protection against another infection.

▶︎ 4. You want your dental crown as soon as possible.

This reason is more specific to our practice in Millburn, NJ, because we use CEREC dental crowns. CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic restoration.

What’s important to you to know is that we can create a CEREC dental crown and bond it to your tooth in a single visit to our dentist office.

Technology is an important part of our practice. We want our patients to enjoy all the benefits that are available in modern dentistry, and CEREC is a great example of this.

With our CEREC milling machine, we can start making your crown as Dr. Krosser is preparing your tooth for treatment.

Before you leave, your crown will be attached to your tooth and your smile will look as good as it did before.

That may seem like no big deal until you consider the process for getting a dental crown without an on-site milling machine. Without it, a dentist would have to order a crown from a dental lab. It could take weeks to get your permanent crown.

In the meantime, you would have to wear a temporary crown. You would have to return to the dentist office to have the permanent crown bonded in place.

What could have been a simple procedure has turned into a two-week ordeal with multiple trips to the dentist.

We respect your time and your smile, which is why we have invested in technology to allow our patients to restore their smiles quickly and with fewer trips to our office.

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The first step in getting a dental crown is talking to our dentist. You can schedule a consultation or discuss dental crowns during your next routine cleaning at Millburn Dental Arts.

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