4 Reasons To Consider Dental Veneers [BLOG]

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The start of each new year is a time for reinvention.

That means doing things to improve yourself that, until now, you’ve been putting on the backburner.

Like the dental flaws that you constantly try to hide!

Why wait another year feeling embarrassed about your smile?

Reinvent it with dental veneers at Millburn Dental Arts! We’ll help you find out if it’s the perfect way to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

4 Reasons To Consider Dental Veneers

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your smile, all that can be resolved with stunning dental veneers in Millburn, NJ!

Are Your Teeth Stained?

This is the most common complaint amongst cosmetic dentistry patients.

Teeth stains!

That’s because it’s something we’re all susceptible to eventually.

Coffee, soft drinks, red pasta, blueberries, and even certain prescription medications can all lead to discoloration of your teeth. In many cases, you can remove stains with teeth whitening treatment.

But there are cases where stains and discoloration are simply too deep for that method to work.

Dental veneers, on the other hand, not only give you a bright, radiant smile, but they’re stain-resistant, which means you’ll have white teeth for years!

Are Your Teeth Too Far Apart?

If you have one or two gaps between your teeth, you shouldn’t have to spend the next couple of years wearing braces to put them in their place.

With veneers, you don’t have to!

They can be designed to fit over small gaps and make it look as though all your teeth are perfectly lined up side by side as they should be. It’s like instant orthodontics, without all the hassle or the waiting you’d have to endure with braces!

Do Any Of Your Teeth Stand Out?

We’re not talking about a tooth that stands out in a good way. We’re talking about a tooth that draws negative attention because it’s smaller, larger, longer, or oddly-shaped compared to all the rest.

Veneers are customized to fit naturally over your flawed teeth so they blend in with the teeth that aren’t covered up. People won’t notice anything but your even, beautiful smile!

Are Your Teeth Damaged?

Chipped or cracked teeth are unattractive, but what’s worse than that is how they affect your self-esteem.

Another problem with damaged tooth enamel is that, unless you do anything about it, the damage will only get worse.

Fortunately, veneers are just as restorative as they are cosmetic because they’re surprisingly strong. Covering your damaged teeth with veneers can help them stay protected from getting worse over time.

Schedule A Consultation!

These are questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry.

All of the flaws we’ve talked about can be hidden away by stunning dental veneers, but you can discuss with our team which of our wide-ranging cosmetic solutions is right for you!

Call our Millburn, NJ dental office today at 973-957-1604 or fill out our online form to schedule your initial consultation.

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