What Do You Want? A Dental Crown. When Do You Want It? Today!

If you could visit any of these places — twice — in the next few weeks, where would you want to go?

☐ To watch your favorite team play a game

☐ To the movies

☐ To our dentist office in Millburn, NJ

We are pretty sure we know which one you didn’t pick.

Don’t get us wrong. We love it when our patients visit us at Millburn Dental Arts, but we also know that most people would rather spend as little time at the dentist office as possible.

Your time is valuable, just like your smile, and our CEREC dental crowns can help you save both.

To learn how to get a dental crown in a matter of a few hours instead of a few weeks, keep reading. You also can make an appointment by calling [poor] or by contacting us online.

The Old Way Of Getting Dental Crowns

Dental crowns have gotten better with time. In dentistry, as in other fields, we have continued to build on the knowledge of the people who came before us.

At one time, people made due with whatever they could to replace decayed, broken, and missing teeth. Seashells, stones, ivory, and animal teeth or bones are just a few of the things people have used as replacement teeth over the years.

Closer to today, people started developing better ceramics that both looked like teeth and were strong enough to hold up against the daily grind (no pun intended) of functioning as teeth.

This was a remarkable leap forward in what dentists could do for patients.

Dental crowns are quite versatile. They can fix decayed, cracked, and broken teeth. They can improve the appearance of discolored, misshapen, or small teeth. And dental crowns can be used to replace missing teeth, too.

For a long time, getting a ceramic dental crown required multiple visits to the dentist. You came to the office. Someone made an impression of your teeth.

That impression was sent to a dental lab, located miles or several states away. It could take weeks before your crown was complete and sent back to the dentist. The time could vary depending on the distance between the lab and your dentist’s office and how many other people’s dental crown orders arrived before yours.

In the meantime, the dentist would grind down your tooth. This removed the problems (the decay, crack, etc.), and it allowed the dentist to form an abutment with the healthy parts of your teeth.

You would receive a temporary crown to wear in the meantime. Often these temporary crowns were clearly not real teeth, and they often could not be used like real teeth either.

You had to be careful to avoid breaking it or losing it since it was meant to protect the tooth until your permanent crown was ready.

At Millburn Dental Arts, we believe you deserve to start using your real dental crown in a single visit to our office. Call 973-957-1604 if you would like to get one of our CEREC dental crowns.

The New Way: Getting A CEREC Dental Crown

A CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) crown can be made while you wait and bonded to your tooth before you leave our office.

CEREC uses computer-aided design technology to craft your crown in our in-office milling machine. We don’t have to order your dental crown from a dental laboratory. We can make it — right here in our Millburn, NJ, dentist office.

In many ways, the process of getting a CEREC dental crown is similar to what we described above. It just takes a lot less time from start to finish.

Dr. Krosser will make a digital impression of your teeth. That will be shared with a computer program. This will guide the milling process as a small cube of porcelain is reshaped into a lifelike dental crown made to fit in your mouth.

When your CEREC crown is complete, we will check the fit and bond it to your tooth. (And if something is wrong with the fit, we can fix it in our office rather than having to send it back to the lab.)

Which Kind Of Crown Do You Want?

If you would rather restore your smile in a matter of hours instead of a matter of weeks, then we welcome you to visit Millburn Dental Arts. Just contact us online or call (973) 957-1604 to make your appointment.


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